Resistance Bands

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Resistance Bands

This 2 loop set of resistance bands provides a perfect add-on for your training session. The use of resistance bands can apply on your kickboxing ladder up warm up exercise, cardio kickboxing drill, cardio push up high knee, MMA fitness drill and so much more.  

Main features: 

  • We provides a set of 12'' by 2'' heavy duty resistance loop bands range from light 0.75mm (red), medium 1mm (blue), heavy 1.21mm (green) to x-heavy 1.45mm (black)
  • Five different combinations are available. It is designed for adult beginners to gradually adapt to this form of movement and find the suitable level of resistance for yourself 
  • Premium quality: the products are made of 100% natural latex, more durable and able to stretch further 
  • Multiple uses: these resistance bands not only can be integrated perfectly into your MMA training routines, but also are suitable for any other sports and fitness. You can work out your arms, back, shoulders, legs and butts all at once. 
  • The set can be perfect gift for your loved ones!   

Demonstration of the use of resistance bands: 

We source our products from several vendors within the US and Asia. This allows us to offer high quality products with affordable prices. Because we ship from multiple warehouses, please allow 2 to 4 weeks shipment. 

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