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No matter you are rolling on a mat with your Jiu Jitsu partner or competing in the ring with your killing kickboxing skills, as a women, one thing we need to spend more time to manage ourselves is our hair. Unless you are thug Rose, you wanted to make sure your lengthy hair do not get in the way or stuck under opponent's body part. I know. It can get a bit frustrated. 

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There are couple common hairdos that MMA girls like to wear. Before we dive into further details, there is one simple note we girls should always remember -- wash your hair (or use dry shampoo) before your workout. It just shows the proper courtesy to your training partner or opponent! And make sure to use deep conditioning after your session to untangle your sweaty and might-be damaged hair. Proper care to your hair and scalp will keep you look fabulous as always! 

Two side buns

I would say the quickies way to keep your hair up for training would be two side buns (you know, Chun-Li style!). You can easily divide your hair into two parts, use a robber band to tight each side to one pony tail and then start to twist the hair to a bun. The drawback is that if you have layered haircut, you might need gel and hair clips to smooth hair out. If you need to roll or grapple with your partner, hair clip would be a no-no in case it scraps onto yourself or your partner's skin. This two side hair buns will be great for boxing, kickboxing or a gym workout session. 

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High pony tail

It is the easiest way to keep your hair together during the workout. You can use robber band and gel to pull all your hair into a high pony tail. Especially for Jiu Jitsu and MMA training, you would want to put your pony tail as high as possible with some good sticky gels so the tail is not going to stuck on the back of your head while leaning on the mat. And you should stay away from hair pins, clips, hair ties with medal or headbands. If you have pretty long hair like me, I would suggest to braid your pony tail or make a messy bun. This way, the tail will not be swing across your or your training partner's faces constantly.

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Sometimes pony tail is still not able to secure all your hair back if your hair is soft and thin, or you have multiple layers hair cut. Then braid your hair will be an alternative option! Again, if you participate in grappling and rolling, make sure to avoid hair clips, pins or hair ties with medal so it is not going to hurt your scalp or accidentally scrap your opponent's skin. There are couple different braiding techniques you can find tutorials online. For the girls with medium to long length and heavy on volume, we would suggest to divide your hairs to three sections and braid it individually to effectively secure your hair to the back. Then you can combine them together to a high pony tail and braid the rest of hair into one to keep it neat! 


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Most of female MMA and kickboxing fighters go with cornrows hairdo in the ring as it is the most secured way to keep your hair tight. It is not that easy to come loose and works with almost any length of hair and texture. However, it might be a bit difficult to braid cornrows yourself for training purpose as it is relatively time consuming to braid and take out braid afterward. 

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I hope you Divas find the post useful! Give it a try to see which hairdo works the best for you. Feel free to share with us with any other hairdo option that would be suitable for MMA training. Oh, or even better, strike a post and post your picture to share with us in comment section!  

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